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our history

Established in 1988, Eagle Fabrics has distinguished itself as a leader in innovation and quality in knitted textile fabrication. We are recognized for being up to date on the latest advances in the textile industry and constantly strive to maintain and improve our level of expertise.

who we are

Eagle Fabrics, a division of SFO Impact, Inc., is a wholesale fabric company that prides itself in fulfilling the knitting, dyeing, finishing, and printing needs of the apparel manufacturer.

our markets

Our product lines appeal to the sportswear, junior, contemporary, children’s, loungewear, dance, yoga, maternity, active-wear, eco-friendly, and outdoor markets featuring performance fabrics such as “Dri-Release” and body conscious fabrics such as Lenzing Modal.

ceo profile

Pradeep Loomba (President/CEO), has overseen the company’s direction and has prevailed in the textile arena with his ability to mesh his technical background in knits, extensive experience in the apparel industry and uncompromising work ethic, with his desire to provide a superior product.

“Our size, capacity and flexibility enable us to serve large and small customers alike. Our hands-on approach allows us to welcome new start-up companies who are looking for a reliable, innovative knit fabric source.”