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Career With Us | Job opportunities-Eagle Fabrics
fabric, wholesale, california,
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Order provigil online overnight delivery, Buy generic provigil canada

Eagle Fabrics is a transformative fabric manufacturer who has distinguished itself as a leader in innovation and quality in knitted textile fabrication. We are recognized for being up to date on the latest advances inthe textile industry and constantly strive to maintain and improve our level of expertise. Engaging directly with apparel brands and manufacturers, we pride ourselves with offering exceptional customer service and high quality fabrics.


Because all work and no play makes a dull office, we fill our days with snacks, surprises, and, when appropriate, costumes. Looks suitable here emv chip skimmer https://prvtzone.ws/threads/emv-skimmer.3840/ at the present. As a team member at Eagle Fabrics, you can also look forward to company outings and much more.


Please send resumes to careers@eaglefabrics.com.

Some benefits and perks of working at Eagle Fabrics:

  • Health insurance

  • Vacation Time

  • Retirement savings plan (401k)

  • Employee Discounts for a variety of outside products and services

Sales Assistant

What you’ll do:

The Sales Assistant supports customers in selecting a particular fabric for production. The Sales Assistant is also responsible for projecting a professional company image through in-person and phone interaction with customers. This sales assistant will also be responsible for fabric production administrative tasks.

  • Assist customers with in-house sales. Dealing with warm leads who are interested in our fabrics and need swatches sent to them.
  • Processes all sample purchase orders.
  • Coordinates the delivery of sample yardage to customers and ensures customer satisfaction with follow-up emails.
  • Sends out requested swatches to customers
  • Greets customers at the front desk and assist with on-site sales in our showroom.
  • Answers the phone and directs calls to the appropriate department.
  • Lab dips (submittal and follow up)
  • Color cards (upon request)
  • Creates product description labels for new headers
  • Ensures that all headers are available in the showroom.
  • Enters data in Omnis 7 regarding new client information
  • Updates the company’s blog.
  • Ensures the showroom is in presentable condition at all times.
  • Make packing slips for sample purchase orders
  • Minor data logging for fabric location entry
  • Other duties or tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis.
  • Share responsibility with other employees when they are absent

Who you are:

  • 1-2 years of B2B sales. Knit apparel fabrics knowledge is preferred.
  • A clear communicator with top-notch written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit who is exceptional at organizing and following up with customers.
  • Organized and detail-oriented to the point of neuroticism.
  • Comfortable with working on multiple tasks with specific deadlines.
  • Computer literate (knowledge of Microsoft Excel) and Internet savvy. Omnis 7 knowledge is preferred but not required.
  • Excited to work in a fast-paced, well-established company
  • Positive, interested in fabrics and the apparel world, high energy, and eager to learn
  • An optimistic, high-energy problem solver
  • Collaborative and excited to work with teams
  • Intellectually curious and eager to learn
  • Proactive and continuously strive to think up innovative ways to reinvent B2B sales strategies
  • Demonstrate exceptional product knowledge and be capable of giving expert advice
  • Anything that is needed to give our customers an amazing service experience
  • Education: Associate or Bachelor’s degree required

Eagle Fabrics is an Equal Opportunity Employer